Take a friend on the Jukebox adventure and
both leave with the extra free item of your choice


1 friend convinced
1 extra free item each

Every time you come to the showroom, you don’t know which item to pick up, you are frustrated having to choose between all the clothes you feel suit you better than the others?

Don’t worry, we have THE SOLUTION.

At Jukebox, throughout the month of March, if you bring your friend on the fabulous adventure of the unlimited wardrobe, we are offering you both the possibility to leave with the extra piece of your choice for free!

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    Your opinion counts…

    “I tried the Jukebox experience
    thanks to my girlfriend,
    now I’m too much of a fan! “

    Elise, 37 years old

    « I benefited the Tandem Promo and I was able to leave with an extra item! It is often a heartbreak for me to choose, everything is so beautiful»

    Vanessa, 25 ans

    We answer your questions

    “If my friend doesn’t find anything she likes ?”
    No worries, it’s without commitment and in addition you can still have your extra free item.

    “Do I have to take my bonus item in March?”
    Not at all ! The action is valid until March 31, but you have 3 months to pick up the item of your choice.

    “What if I bring several friends ?”
    You receive as many items as the number of girlfriends that subscribe with us. Want to use all your items at once? As you wish ! Either you take all your free items at once, or not. You have 3 months to use them.

    “Can we benefit from the offer if we’re both new?”
    Of course ! Conditions are the same. You’ll both leave with the extra item of your choice for free.

    “Do we have to make an appointment for two?”
    It’s more fun, but no. The important thing is that your friend makes an appointment during the month of March. As of you, we know we’ll see you soon anyway 😉

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