Bleu Tango

Here we think of those who dream.

Lou, the creator of Bleu Tango, makes us dream with her feminine and poetic pieces imagined from her own watercolors. This brand emphasizes artisanal quality, noble materials, exceptional suppliers, and workshops that you can visit without pinching your nose. All the clothes are in fact made in a limited series between the North of France and Poland.

You will understand, Jukebox could not do without a Blue Tango selection!

The must-have: the brand’s reversible pieces. A plain side for the day and a funky side for the evening. We are fans!

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Everybody Agrees

Everybody Agrees is one of our staunchest allies in helping you dress in style for the long haul!

This Brussels concept store offers a minimalist selection of chic and ethical pieces, which we would like to wear every day of our life.
Everybody Agrees was born from the desire to offer men and women the opportunity to dress sustainably without compromising its style. A mission that we share at Jukebox!

In the continuity of our reflection for a more circular fashion, a partnership has been developed: clothes from the old Everybody Agrees collections are available for rent for you!

Don’t miss the chance to give Everybody Agrees parts a second chance!

Everybody Agrees website:


Like us, the founders of JAN ‘N JUNE love fashion, but also the planet! And so that one does not impact the other, they decided in 2013 to launch an ethical and environmentally friendly brand.

Bye bye fast fashion. At JAN ‘N JUNE we find sober and refined lines but nevertheless original, soft materials, bright colors. From organic cotton to Tencel via recycled polyester, each material is the subject of a meticulous and fully transparent selection (judge for yourself: ).

All their production is carried out in Poland. We are very proud to integrate one of the precursors of slow fashion in our wardrobe! 

See the brand’s website:


It all started in 1999 for Claudia Lanius. She launched her idea of making fashion fair, creating something beautiful and feeling good.

This German brand loves fashion, thinks organic and is responsible. Each partner with whom she works is chosen by attaching importance to certifications, quality labels but also to personal contact and common values.
Lanius slow fashion design is characterized by thoughtful trends and with high quality materials. Each piece is focused on sustainability, ecological aspects and is completely vegan.

In other words, Lanius takes into account people, animals and the environment. Their goal is to restore real value to fashion. And that’s great!

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We discovered Mila Vert’s lovely collection on our first visit to NEONYT.

This small family business makes it a point of honor to use only environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, tencel etc. Their collection is also entirely VEGAN. 

The clothes are made exclusively in Slovenia by people who have real craftsmanship and who are respected and valued for what they do. Here we produce on demand, to avoid waste and have a fairer price.

The parts you will be renting have therefore been made especially for Jukebox. And that’s pretty cool 😊

See the brand’s website:

Natacha Cadonici

Natacha Cadonici is a young Brussels woman who decided to make a living from her passion by launching her own clothing brand in 2007.

This artist totally seduced us by the way of designing her clothes. Each piece is cut to empower modern women in search of urban fashion. The fabrics are very comfortable, high quality, durable and European.

The particularity of Natacha lies in the fact that the clothes are reversible (front / back). Sometimes casual and sometimes elegant, you really feel like you have two clothes for the price of one!
See the brand’s website:


At Jukebox we literally melted for the world of Rhumaa. Materials, colors, patterns, we love everything! The icing on the cake, their pieces are designed to enhance all kinds of silhouettes. Far from the beaten track but not too offbeat either, this is THE brand for you to try.

For each of its collections, Rhumaa (based in Amsterdam) partners with an artist from a developing country. The prints reflect the works of this artist, but also his story. The result is modern and timeless silhouettes in natural materials.

The brand not only creates a platform for artists from South Africa and other countries, it also tries to do its part by choosing sustainable suppliers and partners. Rhumaa does not have its own factory, but its parts are produced at factories in Peru, Portugal and Turkey which are visited regularly.

A percentage of Rhumaa’s profits go to the Rhumaa Foundation, which supports various projects in Cape Town, among others. They thus help young artists from disadvantaged communities to develop and increase their chances on the job market.

Finally, Rhumaa also defends animals. For its vegan-style cupro (a viscose-based fabric) pieces, the brand worked with a Turkish fabric manufacturer who can call themselves “the world’s first V-label fabric producer” and won the “The most respectful of the environment” award.

See the brand’s website:

SÉ-EM by Charlotte Mounzer

SÉ-EM by Charlotte Mounzer is a young Belgian and ethical brand, entirely based on the circular economy and zero waste.

“Shaped by the desire to change. Captivated by the ecological fiber. Bewitched by the trend. Fascinated by detail. Passionate about creation. “

To make her collections, Charlotte Mounzer goes to the big luxury Parisian houses, and collects rolls of fabrics that have not been used. Saved from waste, these fabrics of extraordinary quality come back to life in the form of capsule collections that are both classic and avant-garde. Beyond the incredible materials, we love the colors and cuts that satisfy all body types.

Half Lebanese, she produces her collections in her country of origin. More info:

Wasted Atelier

Wasted Atelier pieces also joined our clothes rack, to our delight!

This Belgian brand transforms leftover fabrics into a feminine and exclusive collection.
We are impressed by the talent of this team which creates these ethical clothes which make us shine.

Their collection brings together dresses, floral sets, kimonos, well-cut shirts…
Discover the Wasted selection with us in our shop or in our online selection!

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