Is it possible to order online?

It is possible to reserve a room online. 
All the pieces of the Jukebox wardrobe can be viewed on the website.

Is it possible to receive / return the clothes by post?

Not yet systematically. 
But contact us, we will find a solution.

What is the return procedure?

COVID 19 period: contact us.
All you have to do is bring us the parts in store or in one of our partner stores (WeCo Store)

How is the payment made?

The full option site is under development. 
For the moment, payment is simply made by transfer.

Is it possible to rent only for a weekend at a reduced price?

No, the minimum rental period is 1 month to limit our environmental impact. Enjoy it 😊

Damn, I’m late to bring my clothes back!

No stress, the mental load we know. 
Either we have already sent you a small reminder message, otherwise contact us and come by as soon as you can!

Is it possible to extend the rental period by one month?

Yes, and for unique pieces, you get 50% off the initial price for each additional month.

Can I buy the clothes that I have rented?

Jukebox’s objective is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from its stock / nuggets, and above all to control the journey from clothing to the recycling stage.

Do you clean the clothes that come back to the store?

Yes, the clothes are washed, scrupulously inspected, repaired if necessary, and ironed. 
We work with environmentally friendly products. 
We work with ecological dry cleaning for the most delicate pieces.

Should I clean the clothes?

You can of course clean the clothes during the rental period if necessary. 
Read carefully the washing instructions provided with each item. 
For the environment, remember to wash your clothes only when necessary and in a gentle cycle, low temperature.

What if a task persists or if there is a hole?

Our clothes must LIVE. 
Accidents do happen. 
Is the garment stained, damaged or punctured? 
Insurance is included in the price. 
Do not try to remove stubborn stains or repair a hole, our experts will take care of it. 
If the garment is significantly degraded, contact us, we will find an arrangement.

What if I can no longer find the piece that I rented?

In case of loss, we will charge you 50% of the retail price of the part.

How often is the wardrobe renewed?

It depends on you dear customers 😊 Talk about Jukebox around you. 
The more customers we have, the sooner we can expand our stock with new parts.

Are the clothes you are offering for hire new?

In order to support green brands and to offer you consistent collections in as many sizes as possible, the wardrobe is supplied with new clothes. 
Then, it’s up to you to bring them to life and share them between JBgirls. 
When a part is too worn, we take it out of the circuit and send it to a re-up / cycling line.

Do you take back the clothes that sleep in my wardrobe?

Our ethical charter is strict and other projects develop this approach better than us. 
Think, for example, of Pandri.

Do you have a size guide?

Not yet. 
For the moment all the orders are managed manually. 
In the event that your choice fell on a brand that sizes small or large, we will make sure to advise you as well as possible.