We want to become the precursor of a change in the production of fashion and a reflex of consumption of quality clothes respecting at the same time the ethics, the environment and the singularity of each of our customers.

We provide easy access to a common women’s clothing wardrobe that offers a sustainable alternative to buying those clothes that you barely wear..

We select our clothes on the basis of a charter built on three axes: aesthetics, sustainable design and potential for recycling at the end of the cycle.

We offer a unique experience and facilitate access to a more sustainable mode of consumption without sacrificing accessibility to an ever more fun and expanded offer.

Our vision

We want to address the following issues:

  • Damage caused by the fashion industry – fast fashion
  • Consumers no longer find themselves in the codes of fast fashion which promote neither diversity nor quality
  • Too many clothes are bought to sleep in wardrobes and ultimately thrown away.

We want to become the forerunner of a change in fashion production and a reflex to consume quality clothing that respects both ethics, the environment and each individual’s uniqueness.

We want to become a business model that fits into the “social economy”.
We want to be recognized for our sparkling universe

Our values