We want to become the precursor of a change in the production of fashion and a reflex of consumption of quality clothes respecting at the same time the ethics, the environment and the singularity of each of our customers.

We provide easy access to a common women’s clothing wardrobe that offers a sustainable alternative to buying those clothes that you barely wear..

We select our clothes on the basis of a charter built on three axes: aesthetics, sustainable design and potential for recycling at the end of the cycle.

We offer a unique experience and facilitate access to a more sustainable mode of consumption without sacrificing accessibility to an ever more fun and expanded offer.

Our vision

We want to address the following issues:

  • Damage caused by the fashion industry – fast fashion
  • Consumers no longer find themselves in the codes of fast fashion which promote neither diversity nor quality
  • Too many clothes are bought to sleep in wardrobes and ultimately thrown away.

We want to become the forerunner of a change in fashion production and a reflex to consume quality clothing that respects both ethics, the environment and each individual’s uniqueness.

We want to become a business model that fits into the “social economy”.
We want to be recognized for our sparkling universe

Our values


Jukebox wants to wake up your crazy mind and exploit it to sublimate you.


At jukebox we dare, we love our shapes, and we choose clothes that highlight our femininity.


All the clothes in our wardrobe are ethical and sustainable. Sustainability in all levels is not a trend, it is our way of life.


We want to find the very essence of things, far from the omnipresent obsolescence of the end of the 20th century, to the detriment of quality and longevity.


We believe in the customer’s right to know what product or service it is being presented to and we guarantee the right to privacy. It is also a quality that we expect from all our business partners.


We want to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community by creating the link between our customers. Join us and become the forerunners of a new way of consuming fashion that is good for you and the planet.