Jukebox is THE guarantee of a fully coherent environmental approach


At Jukebox we select our parts on the basis of three main criteria.

Design : because life is better when you are well dressed. Typically, we will set our sights on these pieces that we find absolutely stunning but, well, as we know we will get bored quickly, so we reluctantly decide to leave it in the store.

Quality : essential to ensure the viability of the model. And the quality, the real one, is so good to wear.

Ethics : We are committed to working with brands that are respectful of the environment and human rights. This means :

  • We favor materials made from natural fibers such as cotton (OEKO TEX or GOTS certified), linen, hemp, tencel / lyocell, cupro.
  • We avoid as much as possible (max. 5%) artificial materials made from synthetic fibers (Acrylic, Elastane, Polyesther) because their production and maintenance are extremely polluting;
  • For waterproof parts we opt for recycled polyesther.
  • We favor European productions.
  • We avoid mixing materials in order to give a better chance for recycling at the end of the cycle.
  • We demand full transparency about the brand manufacturing process

Optimization of use

We are committed to giving several lives to these favorite pieces worn far too little by rotating them within the community of Jukegirls..

This implies that we maintain the parts with the utmost care and using environmentally friendly products. We expect the community to also take great care of the clothing and will give the necessary instructions for this.
If a part comes back damaged, we do not take it out of the circuit without having tried everything to repair it.

The parts will undergo a strict quality control on each return before being put back into the circuit.

Recycling et Upcycling

When one of our parts is at the end of the cycle, it will be taken out of the circuit and recycled or upcycled via our network of partners.